The Creativity Project LogoEleonora is the founder and owner of The Creativity Project, an ongoing research and training platform that has its roots in the latest findings in psychology, philosophy, art and neuroscience. Eleonora works to incorporate those findings in her trainings to bring to her clients the most innovative techniques to nurture a creative environment in the workplace and foster innovation.

The Creativity Project organizes trainings, workshops, activities, and lectures to nurture free expression, personal development, team building, creative thinking.

Through techniques and tools derived from diverse creative fields, like painting, drawing, sculpting, acting, writing, The Creativity Project,’s trainings guide people to discover their unique potential, put it in action, share it and use it.

Intuitive Painting & Experimental Drawing workshops

The workshops use a mix of techniques that are designed to help people create freely, expressively, honestly and openly. When painting and drawing intuitively, we dig into our imagination and intuition to find out what we really want to create. The result can be abstract or figurative or a mix of both, it only depends on what you want to express. You can’t do it wrong, because there is no “wrong” way to do it, and no “wrong” results. The process is very forgiving and open to change and transformation in every moment. It gives you the permission to try out new things, learn, experience with materials, with no pressure on the final result. What counts is the process, the journey to creative expression. The final artworks are beautiful, honest, true and powerful.


Team Building

Intuitive Painting is a great tool to explore new ways of looking at things, experiment freedom, collaboration, teamwork and of course, nurture creativity.

Presented with an inspirational talk, the painting process is a useful tool to activate different parts of the brain and help putting learning into concrete action.

In creating together a collective painting, different colors can be used to show people, visually, what it is means to work together to create something beautiful and how each person can contribute to the final result.